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Restricted Building Work! What is it?

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Restricted building work is work that's critical to make a home structurally sound and weather tight.

Anything that involves the below is Restricted Building Work:

  • Primary structure of your home

  • The exterior envelope of your home

  • Weather tightness

  • Certain fire safety design.

  • Anything that requires a building consent

Like a surgery cannot be performed by a GP, Restricted Building Work must be completed or supervised by an LBP, Licensed Building Practitioner.

An LBP Building Practitioner has proven Qualifications and experience to complete the most important work on your home, protecting you and your investment.

If you are changing your cladding, weatherboards, closing in a garage, extending a room, adding a garage, changing windows or opening up the outside of your home, you need an LBP to complete the work, ensuring the weather tightness aspect of your property is properly completed.

If you are looking to change the structural integrity of your property, like removing weight bearing walls, or anything that may affect the bracing elements or roof support, this work also needs to be completed by an LBP to ensure the structural integrity of your property.

Most of the above works will need to have plans drawn up by a Licensed Designer and the plans submitted to council for consent.

Alder Homes are Licensed Building Practitioners

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For More information on Restricted building work check out https://www.building.govt.nz