Converting a Garage to a self-contained secound dwelling

Type Of Project: Renovation

Location: Manurewa, Auckland 

Year Completed: Current

We are currently working on converting this damp cold garage and under the house area into a warm, dry modern, two-bedroom second dwelling. 

This unit will be completely self-contained, having separate utilities from the main home and is consented to contain a full kitchen, making this the perfect home and income for our clients.


The paint has dried and she's starting to all come together.  The kitchen is being installed, Bathroom fittings all put into place, laundry is being fitted out with new washer and drier.

Soon we will have some amazing before and after photos to show everyone. 


Plastering is complete and the owner is excited to get in and do her own painting. 


The petition wall framing is up and It's really looking like a home. All Electrical, Plumbing, and internal works have been completed, the walls have been lined and we are ready for plastering!


Now it's time to build inside our waterproof box.  The Floor has been laid and we have focused on installing the fireproofing measures including Fire collars on all extrusions, fire Gib on the ceiling, Firewall in the centre. Plus insulation installed to keep it nice and cosey.  


Windows and doors are in, weatherboards reinstated, any repair work to the existing structure has been completed and we are closed in. Our pre-line inspection has been signed off by council and we are ready for the next stage!


Waterproofing Solutions has installed the Newton 500 Basement system making the property watertight. This innovative system new to NZ technically creates a waterproof "box" to build your internal structure in. It allows moisture on the outside to escape through channel drains, protecting you from moisture and dampness inside. 


Prepping the existing structure for waterproofing has been completed. This will be the largest stage for this project. Completing changes to the slab and adding all extrusions to the external walls, drain laying, plumbing and electrical are all prepped and ready to connect.


We have completed the demolition stage. The internal access has been closed off, all internal wall linings have been removed and we are looking into strengthening the internal support wall