Garage to Self Contained secound dwelling

Type Of Project: Renovation

Location: Manurewa, Auckland 

Year Completed: 2021

We are currently working on converting this damp cold garage/under the house area into a warm, dry modern, two-bedroom second dwelling. 

This home will be completely self-contained, having separate utilities from the main home and council consented to contain a full kitchen making this the perfect home and income for our clients.


After lockdown, we were able to start on this renovation. So far, we have finished the groundworks, we have installed the plumbing and electrical, we have the channel drains installed to remove any excess water/moisture build-up in the area, the Newton 500 Basement system is currently being installed by Waterproofing solutions. 

This is an innovative system new to NZ, it technically creates a waterproof "box" to build your structure inside, preventing inside from becoming damp or milduey. 


Next week we will be able to build our framing inside the Newton 500 system and get started on lining the walls